Unmarried (for Now) and Proud (Always)

Dear world:

I have never been married, and as of today, I will no longer let any institution, group, or individual classify or treat me as a second-class citizen.

Maybe I’m more interested in working through my crap (hint: you have some too, or maybe even a lot) *before* committing my life to someone else than I am in having a crisis *during* the marriage, “finding” (or possibly losing) myself, and forcing my partner to adapt.

Maybe I’m more interested in sharing love, romance, and companionship than home repairs, bills, and child rearing. And shame on me for that last item, because we all know that this planet is desperately short of people and I’m not doing my part to fill the remaining empty spaces with humanswithphones.

Maybe my goal is to spend some wonderful time, however short, with somebody who honestly appreciates me, not merely to *be married* (read: approved of by society and the Commonwealth of Who Cares) for as long as I can stomach it so I can … win a prize (hint: there is none).

Maybe I’ve been more interested in winding down and exiting life with a partner by my side than in starting out with one.

Maybe not everybody who fought to the death (read: stayed married for life) felt as successful or rewarded as you gave him or her credit for.

Maybe I don’t want to be in a place where having an affair or getting a divorce might even cross my mind.

Maybe I hate being bored and would never want to be tempted to blame another person for my boredom.

Maybe I prefer commitment by choice to commitment by obligation.

Maybe getting married doesn’t make a whole lot of sense anymore.

Maybe I choose hope over resignation. Maybe I prefer to keep my options open for a miracle.

Maybe I’m stronger than many married people.

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with me.


Wedding rings and … is that a noose? I like it! [Image courtesy of nuttakit at FreeDigitalPhotos.net]

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